Hello fellow ARMYs! This is a section “For ARMY” = 4-RMY…geddit? ☺️
This all started when I tried to get RM’s Artist Made Bungeoppang Windchime this year – failing twice, I went ahead and “bought” one from a reseller. I must’ve known something was not right with that reseller so when the 3rd PO was announced, I still tried for the windchime and thankfully managed to get one for myself directly from Weverse. I thought I’d just let another ARMY have my extra at face value (but unfortunately, I was scammed by the reseller – that’s a story for another day!)

Anyway, I think everyone journeys with BTS very differently and at different points in time. By the time you want to get something of theirs (like me and 5th Muster Magic Shop 🥲), it may be sold out or no longer available anywhere or sold at an exorbitant price that’s way beyond your means. I know there are very many generous GA hosts out there but this is my way of helping a future ARMY searcher out.

This page is of extra items I have acquired (when getting them for myself) and they are all brand new/sealed, unless stated otherwise. Full disclaimer: getting extra of the same items spreads out the shipping, making it cheaper overall for you and me. The prices here are of face valueI do not profit from these and they are the price I paid to get them to Australia (via different means; from expensive direct shipping to having family bring them over for me for “free”). All this effort to get these items to Australia means this is more for my fellow Aussie ARMYs but if you ended up here looking for something you REALLY want, there is no harm sending me an email/message.

Since this is all at face value and not part of my small business, please email (hello@jewoley.com) or DM on Instagram/Twitter (@jewoley) if you are interested in any of these. Prices listed DO NOT include shipping to your local Australian address. If you are within the Adelaide Metro area, pick up is preferred. Payment will be via bank transfer, PayPal (there may be a fee if paying via PayPal) or cash (if picking up locally).

  • Borababe Shop (formerly KawaiiiKreation)
    ARMY Pride BT21 Pin
  • Hard Enamel Pin
  • AUD 26.50
  • Qty: 3
  • BTS Sowoozoo Digital Code
  • AUD 82.00
  • Qty: 1
  • The photographed freebies will be included – this was purchased from a GOM in Malaysia.
  • BTS Lyrics Inside
  • AUD 55.00
  • Qty: 1
  • Photographed is my own copy, the one for sale is new and sealed.
  • SOLD – BT21 RJ Medium Standing Doll
  • AUD 100.00
  • Qty: SOLD
  • Purchased from 2 overseas reseller and the one I’m holding is mine. This was shipped as a single item directly from South Korea via DHL (total paid was USD89; shipping itself was USD50.)

A little explanation about the two items below.
The item from MadeByMelanie may need a bit of tweaking for the windchime to ring easily. The ball/hammer sits a bit too high for my liking and you have to shake quite hard to get it to ring. If you are handy with your hands, you basically just need to add another jump ring to lower the ball/hammer.
The item from RMlove09127 rings perfectly well from the get go, the only thing to note is the fish is very light since it’s made out of acrylic.

  • MadeByMelanieOnEtsy Mini Bungee-ppang Wind Chime Keychain Inspired by BTS
  • Full metal construction, closest to the real deal in miniature form.
  • AUD 40.00
  • Qty: 2
  • Seller doesn’t ship out of the US so there were extra taxes + shipping to get them here.
  • RMlove09127 Fan Made Mini Bungeoppang Keyring via PurpleCherieGO in Malaysia
  • AUD 15.00
  • Qty: 3
  • Photographed is my own item – some assembly may be required if arrive separated from keyring. The box is sealed so you won’t know until it’s opened. It’s not broken. Fish is acrylic.
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