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Important to note before purchase:

Print production inconsistency has been identified with these washi tapes post distribution – these turned out much stickier than eileentai.85’s previous washi tapes, thus can be more prone to ripping due to the fragile nature of washi paper. Please take note to pull gently/slowly when stretching out the washi tape to avoid accidental ripping. Price is reflective of this issue.

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If one row of cute geese is not enough, have another! Look at that adorable waddle.
{ I am biased towards this as it has a teal/mint background, super cute! }

  • 20 mm x 10 m (250mm loop)

Please pull washi tape gently/slowly, with even tension across the width of tape to avoid accidental ripping from the edge of the washi tape roll. This does not diminish the fact that all the drawings on this washi tape are absolutely adorable!

Actual product colour may vary from photos shown here due to lighting conditions and/or different monitor/screen displays.

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