Black Milk Project | Mini Clay Houses


Black Milk Project – where rainbow unicorns fly and imaginary friends come alive!

Handmade mini clay houses in 3 different variations (sold individually) that can be your desk buddy or a mini bud vase. As these are handmade, each one is unique and will have its own individual quirks, personality and imperfections.

  • Approximate sizes: 25 x 23 mm (small), 23 x 25 mm (medium), 30 x 15 mm (tall)

* If you are interested in other products by BMP that I do not currently stock, send me a message via email or Instagram. I can look into its availability at the next restock if you are happy to wait.

Actual product colour may vary from photos shown here due to lighting conditions and/or different monitor/screen displays.

Photo credit: blackmilkproject.com


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