Black Milk Project Rubber Stamp | Mini House Stamp (Clay Holder)


Black Milk Project – where rainbow unicorns fly and imaginary friends come alive!

Cute, mini house rubber stamps with a clay holder/mount. These are approximately 20 x 20 mm in size and have matching mini collectibles here, here and here.

Handmade with clay (non-ceramic).
Each item is individually hand-sculpted, and therefore is unique and will have its own individual quirks, personality and imperfections. Each item will vary slightly in design making it beautifully unique and not one house is the same.

Care instructions:

  • Store item in a cool and dry area, away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid exposing it to any liquid substances such as water, perfume, oil etc.
  • To clean, gently wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Do not wash/ soak with water.
  • Item is non-toxic but is not food-safe, avoid placing any food on it.
  • Item may break if dropped or bent as it is considered a fragile medium.

Actual product colour may vary from photos shown here due to lighting conditions and/or different monitor/screen displays.

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