3-layer Reusable Cotton Rounds


Choose from 3 available design/fabric pattern options

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Approximately 3 inches in diameter for each cotton round, 14pcs of 3-layer cotton flannelette for your week’s skincare routine.

These are individually cut and sewn; please understand that there will be irregularities in size and shape of each cotton round. I have chosen not to make any bags for these to lessen waste. These cotton rounds can be machine washed but please place them in a laundry bag (assuming most people would have at least one) so they will not get lost in your washing machine. A bag can be made/included at a small cost.

100% cotton flannelette
Polyester thread
*Please do not use any bleach or fabric softener when washing these – softeners may affect the absorbency of the cotton rounds.

Actual product colour may vary from photos shown here due to lighting conditions and/or different monitor/screen displays.


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