Begin again

Welp! I did write a post about 2 weeks ago while trying to set up my website again…but it’s gone now as I’ve deleted the blog subdomain. I thought subdomains will keep everything tidy but in the end, I read that it’s possibly better to have things in subdirectories. The thought of having to manage multiple “sites” put me off. I already have trouble with just one. So this is why it’s taking a while.

It’s been a long while since I wrote on here. My previous hosting provider went MIA – I was with them since 2005(?). I’ve tried all means to contact them but I didn’t get any response, so I went with a local (Aus) provider. I signed up end of February and this hasn’t been touched at all. Heh! *sheepish grin*

I do need to keep to some sort of a writing habit. I keep saying I will revive my blog (for many many years!) but end up only doing the one post a year (when I could still log onto my previous site).

Life has been very different. I was going to use my first, fresh blog post as a quick recap of what has happened but I really don’t know where I left things (since the files are not accessible and I’ve forgotten all the logins…and have no backup). Plus, let’s get real. It’s not going to be “quick”. Haha!

If you’ve read up to here, well done. Thank you for checking in on me. As much as I want to be blogging regularly again, I also want this website to be an extension to the Etsy shop I’ve started. Not sure if it’s a good idea to mix personal with business(!) but I don’t think I want to only talk shop. This wasn’t how I started this website…although “jewoley” was always treated as my “personal brand” as it is uniquely me. It’s not a real word and if you know me in real life, you’d know what it stands for. Even blogging these days is very different. When I first started on Blogger, I did not hold back details as I didn’t think anyone would read it. WIFI didn’t even exist back then.

Moving forward, I may use the traditional pen+paper journalling for the more personal stuff. Things I’d want to share with the world(!) will be posted here. I fell in love with stationery again this year. The notebooks, the paper, the stickers, the washi tapes, the pens…everything! In the midst of all that, I started sourcing/hunting for things I like and could also put up on my shop. Feel a bit overwhelmed when I look at how much I’ve invested (spent!) and have so much I want to do (and will have to do if I want to get things moving). Not to mention the things I need to do, too. It’s a dream to dedicate all my time to this shop without having to worry about the realities of life. The fact is, I still have my day job (which requires time and effort to maintain my knowledge and skills – I have to admit I haven’t spent much time on it for the past 3 months!) and daily responsibilities that comes with being an independent adult.

Life is pretty full. I am grateful that I still have my job despite what’s going on around in the world with the pandemic. I have my two bunnies to keep me busy (cleaning) at home. I voluntarily chose to have 14 fruit trees(!!!) planted in my house (whether in ground or in pots). I have a lot of sewing projects I want to do (I bought fabric and materials with all these in mind). I have crochet patterns to try out. I still want to bake and cook. I want to pickle my own produce (yes, I also have 2 raised vegetable beds!) and experiment with new recipes. There is a lot I could write on this blog. Heh!

If you’d like to check out my Etsy shop while I tweak this site, it’s at

Right. Until next time (hope it’s not next year haha!).