Reduce, recycle, reuse

I was introduced to the wonderful world of packaging when I first saw a beautifully presented box of cookies from Japan. It was too pretty to unbox and I wanted to save the packaging. Wrapping presents with all the bells and whistles fill me with joy, because everything is just so pretty.

Fast forward to just before starting my little shop. I was researching where to get my packaging supplies; wondering what theme colour I should go with, how would I want to style my packaging/parcels and being envious of those who have customised packaging (because they are expensive). I am conscious of the waste these things can generate so I did take that into consideration when I stumbled my way through setting up my shop. Did you know that if you don’t use Australia Post’s packaging, you can’t use the flat-rate parcel charges (up to 5kg) they offer? Even if you use a box with the exact dimensions as their boxes.

So this is what I choose to do in the end:
Acid Free 100% Recycled Tissue Paper
Recycled paper envelopes
Cardboard backing for sticker orders sent in envelopes (reused from work)
Bubble wrap (reused from packages received for shop and from work)
Recyclable Kraft Paper Tape (can be recycled when attached to cardboard)
Full plastic bubble mailer (easier to recycle – did you know if it’s mixed material, it may not be recycled?)

Why am I writing this down? πŸ˜… I guess I just wanted to share that I am conscious of the environment and I do my best to balance that with my small business’ needs. I think a fair bit of small/local businesses I look to do the same and it’s nice to see customers responding well to this choice.
Whatever items I have and use for packing orders, they are mostly recycled/repurposed packaging items. This may mean they may not look their prettiest but the best would’ve been done to keep it as low waste as possible.

Remember to separate your waste and recyclables, and compost where you can. 😊

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