FeR’s drawers

I have finally created a section for my personal collection’s “destash” and I have it up as a separate page called “FeR’s drawers”. This is not part of my shop’s inventory, so I’m trying to work out how best to list them. I can’t really place a flat rate shipping fee like I do for my shop as some items will be bigger and heavier (eg BTS Sowoozoo or BTS lyrics inside) so there’s a bit of thinking to do before I list my excess ARMY items there. As for stationery items, they are much easier to fit within the flat rate shipping boxes.

Coming up soon (or first?) will be Freckles Tea Vol.2 items – these would be extra bits that I have (I ordered a bit extra to make shipping worthwhile) so they are brand new. I may have some pre-loved items up later down the road but everything will be disclosed in the item description(s).

My proper shop update will be up at 9am 27th February 2024 (Adelaide time) – and this section will also go live with it. Mark the date/day! :)

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