Story Time

Finding Gus

Backstory After getting Tokki, I spent more time reading about rabbit behaviour, how to bond with them etc. I guess one of the dividing debate is whether your bunny will be happy being an only bunny or not. I was leaning towards the solo bunny due to cost of keeping a second bunny (vet fees, …

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Learning from mistakes

I love how these turned out on the “clear” sticker paper (it’s more of a frosted glass finish) although, unfortunately, the “paper” was so thick that my Cricut didn’t cut through the circles using my usual settings for making stickers. This is trial #3. With my trials this time, I didn’t fill up the entire …

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Begin again

Welp! I did write a post about 2 weeks ago while trying to set up my website again…but it’s gone now as I’ve deleted the blog subdomain. I thought subdomains will keep everything tidy but in the end, I read that it’s possibly better to have things in subdirectories. The thought of having to manage …

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