Shop update and little shop story

I’ve finally listed all the stickers I’ve been sitting on since mid June(?). It’s difficult to pick and choose when I place my order because I can’t order EVERYTHING. However, it’s monumental to actually list them when I receive them. I have to take photos and I find that it’s trickier in winter when I don’t have very many daylight hours to get it done. Not to mention, it’s also cold and I’m in my hibernation mode. How do people stay motivated?

I thought to share a story today about my little shop. I don’t think I’d ever be able to leave my day job to pursue this full time; that would be the dream. So if I know that in my heart of hearts, why do I compare myself to those who are doing this as their full time job/career?

I’ve had big dreams and grand plans when I first started. I looked at others for (so called) inspiration and motivation…then to realise, even if I had all the same tools, my output (or rather, what output? Hah!) is different. I don’t have the innate talent, nor did I put in any time to nurture and build up skills required to do what I see others are doing. I love crafting and I like making things. However, like my piano lessons, I never put enough hours into the training to make up for the lack of natural talent. My thoughts are all over the place and I’m typing as they come.

I know you need to put in the time and effort to master something. Perhaps I shouldn’t feel slighted when mum said I’m a Jack (well, Jane) of all trades but master of none. I have also mentioned before that I am not creative on demand. It just has to come and often times, it’s a a rehash of something else I’ve seen. I don’t think I’ve come up with anything original. I like solving puzzles and maybe that’s why modifying something come easier than coming up with something new? Eg. I don’t have an amigurumi pattern for a lop eared rabbit, so I wing it and made my own from the basic information I know of how to crochet.

Why am I typing this out at the moment? I’m not sure.

I guess I’m trying to convince myself that if I treat this little shop and side hustle as a hobby, I won’t feel as pressured. I’ve been procrastinating so much and yet I wonder out loud, “How do people do it all?” I read that procrastination can be due to fear of failing. I don’t understand this phrase entirely because I procrastinate often (oops!) but I don’t think I have a fear of failing. I think I’m just lazy (this is being completely honest) and don’t want to do it until I HAVE to – because I have other things I can do! Like watching a Youtube video or playing another round of my mobile game. Heh! However, now that I’ve knuckled down to do my shop update, it wasn’t hard. I just had to start!

I guess a little introspection today led me to a new understanding of why they say procrastination is connected to a fear of failure. If I didn’t update my shop, then even there are no sales, it’s okay. I didn’t “fail” my update because I didn’t do it! Does that make sense? I think I’ve been looking at how successful other people’s launches and updates are…then feel really small because I haven’t experienced such a thing before. Now, I’m not saying this to get any pity sales. In fact, I don’t want people to be buying just for the sake of helping/showing support. I think I am a practical person (I like to give practice gifts that are useful to someone)? So I hope those who have purchased something did because they will use the items or really like them. For that, I am very grateful. Life is too short to pretend to like something – there is no longevity to it.

Perhaps I am just better at being a supporter than the main act. Or maybe I haven’t found my main act yet. Who knows.

In the mean time, I really need to trim down my sticker stash. Start using them instead of just collecting them in my sticker folder. In a way, I think I should also trim down my hobbies. I feel a bit of anxiety when I think about all the things I want and need to do – the increase in heart rate, the running thoughts. There is only so much I can do in the time that I have. Why not do what is enjoyable and fills my happy tank? Not worrying about how/where to find time to do such and such. Let it come naturally, let go of things that bring no benefit to my spiritual, mental and physical well being.

I should take my own self care sticker’s advice…

Finding Gus

30th August 2020 – Tokki and Gus’ first meeting

Backstory After getting Tokki, I spent more time reading about rabbit behaviour, how to bond with them etc. I guess one of the dividing debate is whether your bunny will be happy being an only bunny or not. I was leaning towards the solo bunny due to cost of keeping a second bunny (vet fees, especially) and the fear of getting a destructive bunny. The horror stories I’ve heard from people about everything their bunny chews/destroys, I didn’t want to risk it as I think Tokki is the exception. My other fear is if the bonding doesn’t go well, I can’t afford the space to house two bunnies as I want them to be free roaming.
I found a bunny play date group and was planning to take Tokki there when they restarted their meetings.

When I went on my annual trip (holiday and to meet family) in November 2019, Alena (she was my neighbour then) very kindly helped me babysit Tokki. It was perfect as she would still be home and everything will be familiar. As it was my first time going away when I have a pet, I felt a bit bad as she would be by herself for a few weeks. Alena did spend some time with her but as Alena has her own cats to care for, it’s not quite the same. The heart breaking point was when I asked Alena how was Tokki when I was away and she replied, “She is okay but she looked a bit lonely.”


I felt sooooooo bad for my poor baby. That was when I started seriously considering a second bunny.

I knew I wanted to go with a rescue rather than buying a bunny – so I started looking at listings for bunny adoptions. None came up suitable until August when I found SA Rabbit Rescue and Adoption – Tokki didn’t have much of a choice as Tippy (Gus’ original name as he has a white bit on the tip of his right ear) was the closest in size and age to her (that is male – recommended since it’ll be a bit easier to bond). That top photo looks so funny as Tokki was giving me the “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” look. Tippy was very happy and smitten – this could also be the hormones at the time since he wasn’t desexed yet. Sue had to have a water bottle handy to spray him if he tried mounting Tokki 😓

Tippy was the only male (left?) in the litter that was left at the door steps of a regional vet clinic. He and his sisters were brought to Adelaide and fostered by Sue. Maybe that was meant to be. I was a little hesitant since I read lop eared bunnies will have increased risks of ear infections/problems (I bumped into a patient at the vet I took Tokki to and the lop eared bunny had to have his/her ears cleaned out weekly! Imagine the fees!) but he was so cute! So even though I had my concerns, I paid the $20 initial fee for Tippy to go ahead with his surgery. They will not let you take a bunny home that’s not been desexed yet and I’m glad for that. They work closely with a local vet that does these surgeries at a very low rate (this will be part of the adoption fee, which I think is fair).

20th September 2020 The day of picking Gus up. After the first meeting, I thought of a name for Gus. I did consider leaving his name as Tippy since it would be T+T but somehow this name came up instead. And it’s not short for anything else fancy – I just thought of the simple, silly little rescue mouse in Cinderella 😂 He just had a Gus vibe. In fact, his full name is “Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus”
[Eeeps! I just rewatched the clip of when the mouse was rescued – he was called Gus for short but Cinderella actually named him Octavius!]

Gus sat on my lap and let me pet him – without squirming or running away. This was one of the reasons I thought it was good to get him as I really wanted a cuddly bunny. I was hoping his “cuddliness” would rub off on Tokki. Little did I know it was all a ruse to get me to take him home. 😅

When we got home, I put Gus in my craft space as I read it’s best to try and bond them in a neutral area. However, I also read the neutral space should be close enough for the other bunny to see/smell each other! That’s not possible with him being so far away so I moved him right into Tokki’s territory. You’d think this fella would be a bit wary of his new surroundings that smells of Tokki but nope! Took it like a champ. In fact, it was Tokki that kept thumping and she hid under the sofa doing that 🤣

Compared to Tokki, Gus is sooooooooo relaxed. I saw him flop right in front of me on the first day home! I’ve yet to see Tokki do a proper flop with my own eyes, I’m not sure if she has ever done it since coming home with me. He did seem a bit nervous when Tokki came near to check him out – and he will poop on the blanket to mark his territory when she came near. His ear will also stick up when he is on alert.

I was very lucky with them – the bonding happened very quickly and went well. Alena also helped heaps when I was at work. From day 3 onwards (since she has stopped thumping and would come close to play pen), I started letting Tokki into the play pen for short periods of time (with supervision). Then slowly for longer periods of time (Tokki in play pen since I didn’t trust Gus to free roam yet) and then unsupervised. I was impressed with Gus as he has been using the litter box(es) to pee from the first day he got home – so I then started to leave the play pen door open for him to explore the house (supervised). Everything I learned from my first experience with Tokki, I applied to my journey in making Gus a free roam bun. I am also very thankful for Alena as she helped in the initial stages of their bonding process.

My worst fear did come through – Gus was a bunny very keen on bunstructions. The first day I let him free roam unsupervised (because he had been very well behaved all the times when I let him out of the play pen supervised), I came back to ripped couch.


I was very upset and frustrated but I know better now that I can’t be upset with him as that is in his nature. He also ripped the ottoman from his digging. He was VERY fond of digging, often digging up the litter box as well. What a mess! Tokki was never this messy. However, he makes Tokki happy and I also feel happy when I see him being so relaxed (a sign that a bunny is happy/comfortable/trusts you or his environment).

Gus made me a better bunmum, I think. My bunnies are very different in personalities and likes, so it’s important to cater to those differences for the sake of a nice home. 😅
From that faithful day of coming home to ripped couch and ottoman, I started getting more toys/chew items for Gus – better he destroys things he is meant to. I got IQ toys for Tokki and made dig boxes with hidden pellets for her. I braved myself and attempted clipping their nails again (I tried when it was just Tokki but I was too afraid of hurting her since she was so small. I have gained more confidence to do it on my own now) – Gus’ nails get really sharp when he digs so they easily rip things up if I don’t trim them regularly. I now have a firmer grip on them when I pick them up for grooming or to get them in the carrier (they hate me after but hey, gotta do what I gotta do). I also made sure I properly bunny proof all those irresistible “spicy hay” (wires 🤣).

Ah, Gussy Gus Gus.
You gave me very many first experiences as a bunmum. Thank you for coming into my life and making me feel included by doing all those things other bunny owners have experienced. 😝
The couch, the ottoman, the holes in my clothing, the holes in blanket, the USB cord to the pet cam (making me think the internet was out), the water bowl, the mess…but Tokki loves you very much as her husbun so that’s all that matters.

Extra When Gus first came back, his thumpers were so yellow. Within a month, it was much cleaner (with the help of Tokki and also their litter boxes are cleaned twice daily) and now, they are fluffy white. 🥰
In the first few weeks, Gus’ poops had a very pungent BO smell but eventually, it’s no longer noticeable (or did I get used to it?)

Bunnies do need work to keep them happy and clean – it’s a commitment and bunnies are not any less than other pets. Please think it through when getting any pet home and remember that they depend entirely on us as domesticated pets.

Tokki – always my baby girl

Sunday 26th May 2019 – this was the day I went to “have a look” at the “baby bunnies” Silv had at home

Backstory Silv came in one day and asked every one at work if they wanted baby bunnies. I’ve always wanted a pet when I have my own place and to me, a pet = a dog. I didn’t give too much thought about Silv’s question about the bunnies because I had a plan to adopt/get a dog after my 40th (and Scottish hiking trip with JoFo). I was never ever tempted or considered taking any bunnies home as a pet. Sure! They are cute, but because of my {pet = dog} mindset, they’ve never come up as a pet option.

I was having my lunch break and Silv came in asking the same question. Izzy was sitting across me and she very quickly answered, “Yea! I’ll take them.”
I looked at Izzy and asked, “Uhm…what about Boston? I don’t think German Shepherds go well with bunnies?” Turned out, she thought Silv was offering game meat. 🙈

Silv explained that she got given baby bunnies from her friend who didn’t know they had a pair of male & female bunnies when got them from the pet store (?). She also mentioned that they are small and “won’t grow any bigger” – I kind of wondered how would she know they won’t grow any bigger since they are still babies. However, for some reason, this time I said, “Yeah, I’ll come have a look!”
I did a quick read up about bunnies as pets (why? I don’t know 😅) and I also asked Ju for advice/thoughts since she has Rupert. Somehow I was drawn to the part where bunnies can be cuddly, independent and toilet trained (I “blame” YouTube videos of Lennon the Bunny. 🙈)

So Sunday came and somehow my heart has decided to take a bunny home as a pet. (Yes, yes, I know better now but at that time, I THOUGHT I was prepared for it). When I got to Silv’s place, I was taken to where the “baby bunnies” were and I was half surprised to see how big they were. I initially wanted to take the grey one home but Silv told me that her sister already wanted that one as a pet. So I looked at the other corner and the rest looked similar. The only thing that was different is that Tokki was the only brown/broken bunny; the rest were grey/broken. This was why I made the choice to take her home.

The cage they were in was quite deep and I did not know how to handle a bunny. I was also afraid they may bite. In the end, Silv’s mum got Tokki out for me. Looking back at photos, I now know she was actually so scared with her nostrils flaring. I had to stop the car within a minute of driving off from Silv’s place because Tokki managed to jump out of the box we put her in! I didn’t have a carrier, I didn’t have ANYTHING at home.
My heart wanted a pet but my head told me it’s not time; so I guess if I didn’t buy anything in advance, it’s not real. I was prepared but not prepared, if that makes sense. So after choosing Tokki, I stopped at PetStock and bought the bare minimum (litter tray, litter, hay, water bottle and pellets). I also stopped at Kmart to get a pet crate. Thankfully all this was before 5pm – it was a Sunday after all.

There was a bit of drama and me breaking down after taking Tokki home.
It was due to my unrealistic expectation as an inexperienced bunny mama. I didn’t understand why she kept running away when I tried to get near here. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t pee in the litter box I got her and peed on the edge of my carpet. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t let me cuddle her. I was just trying to love her!
I was trying to save money but I found out how much it would cost to keep a bunny (it’s NOT a bigger hamster) in terms of vet fees. I read that if I don’t get her desexed, it may be more difficult to toilet train AND her lifespan will be shortened due to the risk of uterine cancer. This in turn stressed me out even more because then NOT doing the surgery is not an option (then the stress of cost of keeping a pet I can’t cuddle – I kept thinking why is she not like Lennon the bunny). I got a bunny “for free” but it costs me so much more to keep her.
I cried when I found out bunnies could live for up to 10 years or more. What about my dog plan? How can I afford it? How would they live together? I don’t want to cage any of them up.
I cried when I found out that she had peed on the edge of my carpet again (only within 10 minutes of letting her out of the crate) – this is when I was running late for work. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t use the litter box (it’s been 3 days!!! 😅) I was so frustrated that I complained to Silv while trying to hold tears back. Silv said I could give Tokki back but somehow I felt like I can’t turn back on my decision on that Sunday. I said that I will take Tokki to the vet and then decide on it then…however, as you now know, the rest is history.

So after deciding to be a responsible bunny mama and to keep Tokki, I took even more effort to learn about bunnies and how to care for them. I got her desexed (it’s official when she takes my last name 😁) and did the litter training again, slowly expanding her roaming area and time. The vet told me she suspected Tokki could’ve been pregnant when they did the procedure and we guessed that she could be around 6-8 months old – this would explain why Silv said they “won’t grow any bigger” (I have a feeling they tried to feed them like how they fed their other meat rabbits but because they are a dwarf mix, it was the maximum size they’d grow to). I found out I am allergic to Timothy Hay so she can only have Oaten Hay.
I got a playpen from Kmart and expanded her crate area so she’d have more space to exercise in while I’m not home. I spent time with her at her level and found out she was food motivated (agreeable to learning tricks). Slowly, she became a free roam bunny but because she was afraid of the floorboards, she was naturally confined to the living area. The only time she’d brave the floorboards is when she comes into my carpeted room. I got a couple more of carpets for the living area, bought toys, bought treats, grew parsley (I don’t like parsley), made a hay feeder and “extension” for her crate…people were telling me I spoil her. You think so? 🤔🤪
From being indifferently responsible to Tokki to having googly eyes over her because SHE’S THE CUTEST BUNNY EVER! 🥰 I can’t imagine not having Tokki in my life now.

Silv told me she didn’t know what happened to all of Tokki’s siblings. Her stories didn’t match up every time I asked her and it didn’t match up with what her sister said (when I asked her about the grey bunny). Sister said they died and Silv said they escaped. We will never know, huh? 😏
So the dramatised version of how I adopted Tokki is that I saved her from being eaten. 😳

Also a reminder: please do not use live animals as gifts or take them home without doing your research first. If you’re not prepared to care for them, please don’t be tempted or blinded by their cuteness. I may not be qualified to give you this advice since I took a bunny home without doing enough research and had unrealistic expectations. 😅
Please don’t make the same mistake as I did – it could save you a lot of tears and frustrations. If it’s too late and you’ve taken one home, please do not forget the moment that made you decide to take them home. 🥺

P/S: Please don’t leave any hate here. I personally have not eaten rabbit and choose not to. I am in no position to judge as I do eat other meat. This is written just for the story of how Tokki came into my life.

Learning from mistakes

Christmas wish to you
Wishing you love, joy and peace in the coming Christmas season!

I love how these turned out on the “clear” sticker paper (it’s more of a frosted glass finish) although, unfortunately, the “paper” was so thick that my Cricut didn’t cut through the circles using my usual settings for making stickers. This is trial #3.

With my trials this time, I didn’t fill up the entire sticker page. I used to do that and when the alignment or cutting depth is off, the entire sheet is wasted. Believe me, it took a lot of effort to hold back! Funny enough, the reason I filled up the page in the past was because I was trying NOT to waste the sheet of paper. 😅

I trial and printed only a couple of rows then reused the other side for the next trial.

I was excited with first try as it was perfectly round but a tad bigger than what I planned.

Cutting circles sound so simple but it boggled me for a bit when I tried to make round stickers. I didn’t draw the circles freehand and used the preset shapes in SketchBook and Procreate – so they were perfect circles…but Cricut didn’t agree with them. It’ll cut them pretty jagged around the edges and it frustrated me to no end trying to figure out why it’s cutting that way. In the end, with the help of Julia and Mr Google (a big thank you to all those who share your knowledge for free!), I am finally able to get my Cricut to cut perfect circles for me. It definitely takes a lot of patience to test something out when you do everything in-house.

Anyway, I didn’t really have a plan to make any Christmas related things for my shop (what a grinch, aye? 🤪) but since I doodled this, I thought it’ll be nice to give this out as freebies leading up to Christmas. As my Christmas wish for you. 😊

II have sent out a few last week (printed on glossy photo paper) as I don’t think the current clear sticker paper is working out for me. I’ve ordered Avarrix Clear Vinyl Sticker Paper and I hope it’ll be thinner than what I have on hand now (it says 50 microns but I have no idea how thick my current one is to know if it’s thinner or thicker). Will see what happens when the sticker paper arrives. At least I have a template that works now!

hope for you

Shop has been slow and quiet these days. I should take the time to figure out what I want to focus on as I have too many ideas and they may not necessarily be good for me and/or the shop. It’s all very unorganised and chaotic, even. Is it weird that I have no idea what I’d want as my logo or what sort of branding to have? I think most people seem to have this thought out first before anything else and here I am, still clueless. 🧐

I know I often say I stock things that I like in the shop so that the backup plan would be, if I can’t sell them all, I can still use them. However, I think I’ve been spending a bit too much recently out of compulsion rather than proper planning. A little too reckless, I’d dare say. It’s all driven by a consumer mindset, no business thoughts at all (if I’m being completely honest).

Watch any tutorial for building a business and they will tell you to have focus/niche…I have anything but. 😅

Well, that was travelling a bit WAAAAAYYYY off topic, wasn’t it? 😅

Speaking of direction, shop and Christmas – I did not have anything planned to match the sales events happening around this time of year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s, etc). I mean, I think these would’ve been planned for from months ago. I know of other small businesses launching their 2022 calendars and planners in October (and that was apparently late already! 😳). I’m not sure if I’d ever get to leave my day job before retirement age. It is somewhat of a romantic dream (at this point of time) to be able to do something else, something completely different – that is enough to support myself (and my bunnies, of course).

As much as my actions may be chaotic and impulsive, I consider myself pragmatic. I have never been good in art classes back in school and my creativity cannot be called upon on demand. I’m not sure of what other skills I have. I know I can follow instructions pretty well – especially if it’s something I can look at. This is why YouTube is a game changer for someone who is a visual learner like me. I can’t teach (have no patience) and have nothing to teach, anyway! Mel and I have spoken about “what else can we do?” quite a few times now. We always end up seeing each other back at work. ☺️

Maybe in the new year, I’d have a clearer idea of what I want for my little shop. Slowly try and build an audience/traffic to my own site – I’ll try out Julie’s advice to do one thing a month (between stationery and crafting – as I couldn’t decide!). Will see if I will be patient enough as I often want to have 5 things going on at the same time. 😜

Next week, I will tell you of Tokki’s story. Hopefully.

The meaning behind the name

birthday sunrise
2021 Birthday Sunrise

On all my thank you notes, I sign off as “FeR”. All my Etsy orders and now, my website’s orders, too.

A long time ago when dial-up internet was first introduced to me, I wondered what sort of cool nickname I could give myself on IRC (anyone remembers that? 🤪 I am showing my age here). I can’t remember if I did come up with anything remotely cool – in the end, I opted for “fer” because that’s what mum calls me at home. Thereafter, it was also what I’m known as to my friends while I was in school.

I remember using ^ to note that “^FeR” was short for something else – this was my reasoning in my head. I remember a boy made an excuse of mistaking me as his friend to break the ice (he admitted that to me later). I remember using IRC to tell someone I liked him. I also remember that was how Roe became a close friend (I am now his daughter’s godmother but I have done nothing for her as I left the country in the same year she was born – I’m sorry, 大姐! 🙈)

So FeR is me. I am FeR.

A name that brings nostalgia, a name that brings comfort (it makes me feel like home) and a name that endears a person to me (because I know it’s only those who knows me from way back when or has some sort of home connection with me, that will call me by that name).

Living in New Zealand and Australia has given me another nickname to remember this chapter in life – Jen. Close friends I’ve made here calls me that and I like it, too. Just not Jenny, please.

I ain’t no Jenny. Never been, never will be.

Launching shop on website

It’s the wee hours in the morning, I can’t really feel my fingers or toes as it’s turned cold after a couple of hot days here in SA. Weather has been a bit temperamental (to say the least) – I don’t remember ever experiencing or hearing about hail this often in Spring (or any time of year, really).

I’m at the dining table, trying to ensure website is working and has the right photos/links…and stopping once in a while to watch my two floofs sleeping/stretching on the ottoman. Sorry, babies. You’ll just have to sleep with the lights on while I work.

One may wonder why I “torture” myself to meet this deadline but it’s been a long time coming. It’s probably not the best day to launch according to the Internet but I’m going ahead as I want to make it happen in October! In my true procrastinator self, I have set it for the very last day of October. Heh! It seems like a mammoth task but it’s because I’ve been putting it off for so long that trying to list about a 100 items at one go is indeed very daunting! I hope after this initial teething pain, it will be a smoother ride maintaining the site.

8 months on Etsy and I have no regrets starting there. Learnt a few lessons (still learning!) trying to make my small business work – some more painful (financially) than others. I am very grateful for family and friends who have more faith in me than myself (hah!) and also appreciate the community I found on Instagram this year. The generosity of sharing knowledge and wisdom is priceless!

Moving forward, I don’t know if I’ll even get any traffic on this site – I haven’t been blogging for the longest time (not like that makes any difference hehe) nor do I have a following on social media. I still believe in doing things organically and see what happens from there – I don’t lose anything from continuing to do what I love and enjoy. I will still have the Etsy shop running but perhaps it will not be as well stocked as my own website. I won’t be doing international orders here as the tax bit is a bit much for a small ikan bilis (small fry) like me – that’s a plus with Etsy as they handle the taxes side for you.

Pray for me or wish me luck!

P/S: Will be putting up the story of how I came to be an “accidental” bunmum after all this! Hopefully before Christmas! 🤪

Begin again

Welp! I did write a post about 2 weeks ago while trying to set up my website again…but it’s gone now as I’ve deleted the blog subdomain. I thought subdomains will keep everything tidy but in the end, I read that it’s possibly better to have things in subdirectories. The thought of having to manage multiple “sites” put me off. I already have trouble with just one. So this is why it’s taking a while.

It’s been a long while since I wrote on here. My previous hosting provider went MIA – I was with them since 2005(?). I’ve tried all means to contact them but I didn’t get any response, so I went with a local (Aus) provider. I signed up end of February and this hasn’t been touched at all. Heh! *sheepish grin*

I do need to keep to some sort of a writing habit. I keep saying I will revive my blog (for many many years!) but end up only doing the one post a year (when I could still log onto my previous site).

Life has been very different. I was going to use my first, fresh blog post as a quick recap of what has happened but I really don’t know where I left things (since the files are not accessible and I’ve forgotten all the logins…and have no backup). Plus, let’s get real. It’s not going to be “quick”. Haha!

If you’ve read up to here, well done. Thank you for checking in on me. As much as I want to be blogging regularly again, I also want this website to be an extension to the Etsy shop I’ve started. Not sure if it’s a good idea to mix personal with business(!) but I don’t think I want to only talk shop. This wasn’t how I started this website…although “jewoley” was always treated as my “personal brand” as it is uniquely me. It’s not a real word and if you know me in real life, you’d know what it stands for. Even blogging these days is very different. When I first started on Blogger, I did not hold back details as I didn’t think anyone would read it. WIFI didn’t even exist back then.

Moving forward, I may use the traditional pen+paper journalling for the more personal stuff. Things I’d want to share with the world(!) will be posted here. I fell in love with stationery again this year. The notebooks, the paper, the stickers, the washi tapes, the pens…everything! In the midst of all that, I started sourcing/hunting for things I like and could also put up on my shop. Feel a bit overwhelmed when I look at how much I’ve invested (spent!) and have so much I want to do (and will have to do if I want to get things moving). Not to mention the things I need to do, too. It’s a dream to dedicate all my time to this shop without having to worry about the realities of life. The fact is, I still have my day job (which requires time and effort to maintain my knowledge and skills – I have to admit I haven’t spent much time on it for the past 3 months!) and daily responsibilities that comes with being an independent adult.

Life is pretty full. I am grateful that I still have my job despite what’s going on around in the world with the pandemic. I have my two bunnies to keep me busy (cleaning) at home. I voluntarily chose to have 14 fruit trees(!!!) planted in my house (whether in ground or in pots). I have a lot of sewing projects I want to do (I bought fabric and materials with all these in mind). I have crochet patterns to try out. I still want to bake and cook. I want to pickle my own produce (yes, I also have 2 raised vegetable beds!) and experiment with new recipes. There is a lot I could write on this blog. Heh!

If you’d like to check out my Etsy shop while I tweak this site, it’s at jewoley.etsy.com

Right. Until next time (hope it’s not next year haha!).